On the Streets of New Orleans

The Gorgeous BMW i8

The Gorgeous BMW i8

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Christmas Brunch

berry mimosa

Very Berry Mimosa – A Holiday Twist on a Classic

The Kitchen on Tamina hosts monthly cooking class demonstrations/tastings. I joined them for their Twas the Brunch Before Christmas tasting to shoot some promotional images. There was promise of free breakfast food so how could I say no? In the words of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson, “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” “People are idiots, Leslie.” Continue reading »

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Design House

Design House-001-2

I worked with Design House to capture a few new items in their showroom. Design House is an interior design studio and showroom located at the Houston Design Center.


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The Dog Park

dog photography

I’m one of those dog people. I can talk about my dogs like they are my kids. Dogs have the intelligence of a two year old child, so really it’s like living with perpetual toddlers.

black dog

To give our pooches some variety and exercise, my husband and I like to hit the local dog parks from time to time. My dogs are very chill at home. They are big into napping. But get them to the park and all bets are off.

playful dog

Dog parks–where a dog can be a dog, and the owners will probably end up very muddy.

golden retriever

Some are ball chasers. Some are dog chasers. Some are swimmers. Some like to sit back with their owners and simply watch the chaos unfold. Some are of the I-dont-want-anything-to-do-with-this variety.

pet photography

Whatever the dog’s personality, the dog park allows it to shine through.

dog swimming

You can see the full set of photos here.

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Hey Porsche

Porsche photography

One day I will get one of these for my husband and be the best wife ever. 

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